More safety
for your workforce

Safety gets a new dimension with Guard


Quick en discrete alarm
with the Guard Watch

Indoor location tracking now
with use of Atex™ beacons

Alarm sequence now customisable
by timeframe and department

Get help,
anytime, anywhere

Guard is a mobile security solution for lone workers that could get in into physical or socially dangerous situations.

Physical or socially dangerous situations

Danger comes in many forms. Whether it’s a difficult task or a troublesome visit. Guard increases your security in both situations.

Always a precise location

In case of an alarm, the Google maps address can be complemented with the location of the last passed indoor beacon.

Tailored to your organisation

The Guard solution is tailored to your organisation. Apart from the Guard App with all the required functionalities, the alarm sequence is customisable and can be linked to a PAC or other security software environment.

Mandown technology

Guard uses its advanced mandown technology to detect calamities (mandown situations) and to subsequently raise an alarm automatically.

The benefits of Guard

Flexible and customisable to your work processes

No additional devices required;

Higher productivity by limiting dual deployment of employees;

Employee opportunity to invest in personel

See the application for your sector

A new kind
of Security

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Guard in practice

These companies already use Guard for their lone workers.

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Guard is a solution of Tizin Mobile in the Netherlands. Curious about how Guard increases the security of your lone workers? Contact us or visit You can also call us on +3150-4063009.

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